She Who Survive

Mbah Saimah : The Survivor.

Mbah Saimah. In her 110th year of her life, she looks mighty fine and healthy. She often greets any mountaineers who stays overnight at her in laws lodging before the climbers reach the slope of Kerinci. Her face wrinkled shows us how long and hard her life had been.

Along with her family, Saimah young, were brought by Colonialist from rural area in Central Java to Kayu Aro Tea Farm in this slope of Kerinci. The family were arranged by Colonialist to become workers at NV Handle Verininging Amsterdam settled at 1925. At that time, life of tea farm workers was so severe. Unjustifiable and sometimes malicious treatment was like daily dose for them. However, they bare it to the extent we could not imagine and fortunately in Independence era they could build their social life in peace in Kayu Aro.

Grandma Saimah. The one and only first generation who is still around. She keeps surviving until now.

Morning talk

With her daughter-in-law

She keeps surviving

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